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Teaching Feedback
  • "Very interactive; stimulates you to think"

  • "Good way to integrate various medical problems together"

  • "Excellent session and we enjoyed as we learnt"

  • "Memorable due to examining patients ourselves"

  • "Great teaching from a man who clearly loves what he does"

  • "Dr Manivannan has a relaxed way of teaching us, that put me at ease and I was not afraid to make a fool of myself before him . He gave us good feedback, little hints of what examiners look for in students and asked relevant questions"

  • "We are very thankful to Dr Manivannan for the dedicated time that he gave us . He made us welcome and and was in no hurry to rush off. Many thanks"

  • "Very relevant"

  • "Relaxed and non intimidating –making it a comfortable and useful experience"

  • "I felt that I am able to ask questions freely and style of teaching enabled me to think of answers by myself with his help"

  • "Please pass our thanks to Dr Manivannan for giving up his time to teach us, it was really great. I like the way his teaching sessions cover a broad range of topics"

  • "Very interactive; stimulates you to think"

  • "Teaching integrates various medical problems together; we enjoyed learning how to apply our knowledge to solve a particular patient’s problem.  Thank you Dr Manivannan –you made us enjoy General medicine"

  • "Great teaching from a man who clearly loves what he does"

  • "Brilliant teaching from a very knowledgeable consultant; help at last with considering differentials and management. Thank you!"

  • "Excellent; learnt a lot"

  • "Lovely manner of teaching"

  • "Learnt loads on examination technique, eliciting signs and differential diagnosis"

  • "Dear Dr Manivannan-you received such ‘’rave’’  reviews last time-would you be able to come again to speak to our new intake of Registrars"

  • "Nobody has properly taught us drugs & pharmacology  in the outstanding way that Dr Manivannan did! It makes me look at a prescription chart differently now"

  • "Thank you for your highly rated session, which received outstanding feedback from our registrars. There were a variety of positive  comments in respect of the up to date information,evidence based and case based discussions. Once again, many thanks and we look forward to arranging this session again in the future"