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Primary care medical services
  • Dr Manivannan has extensive ongoing experience, working regular intensive sessions as an out of hours and emergency primary care physician. He has worked as an independently contracted principal general practitioner for many large accredited out of hours health care organisations including Derbyshire Health United, Nenedoc, Principal medical and Oxford Urgent Health.

  • Dr Manivannan has given many years of dedicated service to the NHS in England , working many unsocial hours and weekends in a high risk and intensive sphere of primary care. He has thousands of hours of accumulated intensive experience in Primary care consulting centre assessments, telephone consulting and care home assessments. He is fully proficient with System 1, Adastra and HMS systems. He is an accredited trainer of general practice registrars in out of hours care.

  • He is perceived by peers as an expert in out of hours and emergency primary care services. He is able to provide consultancy and advice to current and prospective out of hours organisations on service design, risk management and quality improvement, clinical governance etc.

  • Dr Manivannan is able to provide an expert opinion on the care provided by out of hours primary care services if requested.